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If I tried to describe my life in three words, those would be Changes, Adaptation and Luck.

I was born in an extinct country called USSR.
While it was shaken by global changes, our history teacher managed to talk about the same events from totally different points of view, always depending on current political conjuncture. At the beginning of the year it was one thing, at the end – quite the opposite.

By my 16th birthday I managed to switch citizenship three times without even leaving my hometown.
My name was changed, too – quite unexpectedly. I couldn’t keep on with studies in my hometown because I had no idea about the new official language…

It wasn’t easy to get used to new reality, but I was very fond of music and it helped. I started a business with my best friend, a vinyl exchange, tape recording and selling rock band tees and stuff. What could be better for a teenage music lover than a couple of new discs every day?..

When I became 22, I felt like I needed a bigger change in my life – I decided to move to Europe. And this time I had to adapt to new cultures, languages, people, countries…
During these years I’ve been to many places, and now I’m watching sunrises and sunsets in Palma de Mallorca…